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Saudi Arabia's financial sector is regarded as one of the world's most sophisticated. Saudi Arabia's reputation as an internationally renowned finance centre has been fostered by a stable economic and political environment, as well as favorable legal and tax policies.

Financial Overview

Saudi Arabia is home to one of the most developed, liquid, sound, well-capitalized, and efficient financial services sectors in the world. As a key enabler of Vision 2030’s ambitions, the sector is expected to play an even greater role to support the development of the national economy, diversify its sources of income, provide different sources of financing, attract foreign capital, stimulate savings and investments.

The government is actively supporting financial institutions to enable public and private sector growth, develop an advanced capital market, and increase funding to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)

$1.3 - TRN

estimated total credit demand by 2030

20 - %

increase in the share of MSME financing by banks by 2030

53 - %

increase in the share of capital markets assets by 2030

70 - %

share of non-cash transactions by 2030

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