Human Capital Innovation


With a vision to turn its young and dynamic population into tomorrows leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, the human capital and innovation sector is at the heart of Saudi Arabias Vision 2030.


The kingdoms most valuable resource is its people. With the ambition to turn todays students into tomorrows leaders and innovators. A strategic pillar of transformation in the kingdoms vision 2030 is building towards A Vibrant Society, with two key metrics: the first being lowering the rate of unemployment to 7% and increasing the SME Contribution to the gross domestic product to 35% from a baseline of 20%.

The first in population growth in the next 5 years amongst the G20. A 6% annual growth for Saudi workforce and 58% of the populations being under the age of 35 years old and most importantly a rising presence of women in the workforce which has witnessed an increase of 29% in the number of Saudi women working in the private sector

Private sector investment in Human Capital and innovation is an unmatched opportunity across the region, with education and entrepreneurship at the heart of Vision 2030. The sector focuses on providing opportunities to participate and be a part of our journey of upskilling citizens by offering lifetime learning opportunities, encouraging a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and designing and activating policies and enablers of human capital. To this purpose, the Saudi government has created the Human Capability Development Program, which aims to instil values, develop basic and future skills, and providing citizens with the knowledge needed to compete worldwide by 2030.

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