Startup Saudi

A program to empower local, regional, and global entrepreneurs, startups, venture capitalists (VCs), and ecosystem enablers, to succeed and grow within the Kingdom, in alignment with the strategic goals of Vision2030.

Description and
objectives of the

Startup Saudi is designed to empower and elevate the startup ecosystem by providing tailored services and advantages to startups, innovators, venture capitalists (VCs) and ecosystem enablers. This program aims to streamline the startup journey, offering guidance, networking, and seamless access to resources. By collaborating with ecosystem enablers (private sector, governmental agencies, VCs, universities, R&D centers), it eliminates hurdles and fosters a conducive regulatory environment.

Accelerate your journey

Fast-track your business's growth and success with targeted support and resources designed to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey.


Promote your business

Elevate your brand's visibility and market presence with our tailored promotion strategies, connecting you with the right audience.


Strengthen your relationships

Forge and solidify valuable connections with industry peers, investors, and partners, enhancing collaboration and long-term business success.

Our target audience




Venture Capitals & Angel Groups


Ecosystem Enablers

(Incubators, accelerators, venture builders, R&D centers, co-working spaces & others)



Discover our services



Gain valuable insights with our comprehensive market studies, helping you understand industry trends and customer needs to optimize your strategy.


Advisory &

Benefit from expert advice and personalized guidance to navigate your business journey effectively and make informed decisions.


License &

Streamline your business establishment with our efficient licensing and setup services, ensuring a smooth start for your operations.



Unlock new growth opportunities by connecting with key industry enablers and forming strategic partnerships that drive mutual success.



Explore the opportunities available in the Kingdom and get easy, direct access to key ecosystem partners.


Access to Financing & Incentive Programs

Explore a variety of financing options and incentive programs to support your financial needs and fuel your business growth.


Delegation Visits & Tours

Experience firsthand the business opportunities and local culture through our organized delegation visits and tours.


Events &

Engage with the entrepreneurial community at our curated events, fostering learning, networking, and showcasing your business to the right audience.

Enrollment requirements

Startup requirements:

  • Technology-enabled
  • Innovative business model (products or services)
  • Strategically aligned with national vision
  • High potential for growth

Ecosystem Enabler & VC requirements:

  • Proven track record in supporting startups for scalability and enhancing the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Clear value added services provided for Startups & Entrepreneurs.
  • Established partnership with local key partners is a plus.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the MISA “Entrepreneur License”?
    The MISA “Entrepreneur License” is an incentivized license for foreign entrepreneurs with technologically innovative and potentially high-growth businesses to enhance the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  2. Who is eligible for the license?
    • Startups: Innovative, tech-enabled, high-growth potential companies
    • Funders (VC/Angel Groups): Any funder can apply for MISA entrepreneur license to practice activities related to innovation and incubation only. To establish a fund in Saudi, the VC would need pre-approval from CMA in addition to MISA financial services license.
    • Ecosystem enablers: Incubators, accelerators, venture-builders, co-working spaces.
  3. What are the eligibility criteria?
    To be eligible for the entrepreneur license, the startup must be:
    • Technology-enabled
    • VC-investable
    • Scalable business
  4. What does the license offer?
    • 100% ownership
    • $500 license fee annually
    • No minimum capital but some activities require minimal capital, depending on ISEC code.
  5. What is Premium Residency?
    All information about Premium Residency and criteria can be found here
  6. How much time does it take to set up a business in Saudi Arabia?
    Typically, it takes three to six months to set up a foreign firm or LLC branch.

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