Visiting Investor Visa
"A new way to explore the Kingdom of opportunities"

As part of the collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Investment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help the foreign investor learn about the size of the investment market of the Kingdom. We realize the importance of joint work and cooperation with our international partners. The national road map of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 has drawn an essential role for the investment sector that encourages international investors to access the Saudi business market by providing value-added services and facilities. With the introduction of the Business Visit Visa"Visiting Investor" you now have the opportunity to explore the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This includes exploring various promising sectors, gaining insights about its natural resources, and experiencing its geographical and cultural location connecting three continents. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranks among the world's twenty largest economies, actively participates in the G20, and significantly influences the global economy and oil markets. Complementing these aspects, a robust financial system and an efficient banking sector operate under government oversight. To view the user manual click here



An online service that allows foreign investors to apply for a digital visit visa for the purpose of exploring the investment opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Doesn't require contacting Saudi missions abroad

* Based on eligibility criteria


Engage in the Exploration of investment opportunities and negotiation with counterparts in the Kingdom, such as owners of foreign companies and institutions, chairmen and members of their boards of directors

Hold a valid passport for a period of not less than than 6 months, taking into account the bilateral agreements concluded between the Kingdom and other countries regarding the validity of the passport and visa fees and duration.

Obtain an approved medical insurance in the Kingdom through the service.

Investors holding diplomatic or special passports, should not have an official representation, as the holders of this type of passport are exempted from the visa fee.

The Visa should not be used for other non-commercial purposes.

The investor must have a recognized presence in the host country.


  • 1

    Comply with the regulations and instructions of the Kingdom.

  • 2

    Comply with the primary purpose for which the visa was granted.

  • 3

    Refrain from performing Hajj without a Hajj Visa.

  • 4

    Refrain from getting involved in paid or unpaid work.

  • 5

    Refrain from performing Umrah during the Hajj season.

  • 6

    Comply with the permitted period of stay stated in the Visa.