Saudi Arabia is a top global destination for large chemical companies, as well as downstream value chain partners such as specialty chemicals, conversion, engineering plastics, and rubber producers.

Chemicals Overview

Saudi Arabia is home to one of the most advanced chemicals industries globally. Thanks to decades of cumulative investment in the chemicals sector , Saudi Arabia is a global leader in the production of chemical products across all segments – basic, intermediate, and specialty.


Under Vision 2030, the Kingdom has ambitious plans to grow the sector even further and double its size by 2030, unlocking new opportunities for investors across the entire value chain. Chemical investors in Saudi Arabia enjoy a cost-competitive environment and a strong ecosystem that includes world-class universities, R&D centers, suppliers, infrastructure, and logistics

97,267 - KT

chemical production capacity in KSA for 2017

5 - %

production capacity growth for Chemicals for 2016

170 - BN

operating revenues of the Chemicals sector for 2016

Success Stories from the Chemicals

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