Program Description

Program Description

The Strategic Investor Program brings together many of sophisticated business and government support services and various incentives to facilitate the mobilization, operation, and growth of both national and international large & strategic investors, streamlining their investment journey while providing access to and facilitation with governmental agencies.

The program will greatly contribute to improving the investment environment thus creating friendlier and easier to attain new opportunities for future investments. Through a sustainable business model, all services and solutions offered to the investor aim to foster trust, unlocking access to diversified economic opportunities and activities in the Kingdom, contributing to and benefiting from a resilient economy and skilled talent inline with the country’s 2030 vision.


Investment opportunities developement

Support investors in finding relevant, credible and feasible investment opportunities in KSA, and guiding them through the process to activate and realize the opportunities

Expert assistance on business regulations

Offer investors access all relevant laws and regulations in their preferred language, and guide them on the meaning and impact of the different regulations on their business

Personalized business setup support

Provide handholding level of support for investors throughout the process to acquire the necessary licenses and permits, explaining requirements, guiding the acquisition process and following up to ensure timely acquisition

Personalized advocacy and troubleshooting

Provide investors with personalized advocacy to build their cases and propositions to government stakeholders, and support them with troubleshooting any challenges they face with KSA government entities while guaranteeing their access key decisionmakers and points of contacts

Matchmaking and business partnership development

Facilitate matchmaking and the development of business partnerships between investors to explore and activate specific opportunities

Advisory on investment incentives

Guide investors on the financial and non-financial incentives available in KSA, clarify the requirements and support the application process

Customized KSA market insights


Market intelligence and insights in key international markets


Location solutions in industrial and economic zones


Advisory on visa requirements and process


Guidance on Saudization formula


Saudi talent identification solutions


Investment opportunity development in international markets


Advocacy and troubleshooting in key international markets


Advisory on financing opportunities in KSA


Support in R&D partnership development



Access to premium events

Distinguished events organized throughout the year to facilitate networking opportunities, gather investor feedback, promote investment opportunities and raise awareness on important investment topics

Dedicated relationship manager

Access to a dedicated relation managers to streamline access to information, services and advantages part of the Program

Catalogue of bespoke value-added services

Premium value-added services facilitating investment processes and addressing key investor challenges

Networking with key decisionmakers and leading investors in KSA

Channels, forums and opportunities to connect with key decisionmakers in KSA and other leading investors

Market intelligence dashboard


Business regulatory newsletter


Membership in premium government programs


Preferential products by private sector


Specialized and enhanced channels to capture investor feedback



International Investors

Large international companies with foreign shareholders that are currently operating in the Kingdom, holding a CR number from the Ministry of Commerce and licensed by Ministry of Investment

Domestic Investors

Large companies owned fully by Saudi or GCC shareholders that are currently operating in the Kingdom, holding a CR number from the Ministry of Commerce

Potential Investors

Investors and companies interested in doing business in the Kingdom

Who can qualify for the Strategic Investors Program?

    Companies that meet any of the following tracks are eligible to apply to the Program by filling out the online registration form.

    Track 1: Members of other flagship government programs

    1. *Companies that are members of other flagship government programs such as Shareek or Regional Head Quarter

    Track 2: Company size with high economic impact

    1. *Companies generating yearly revenue of SAR 250 MN or more in KSA
    2. *Companies employing 250 individuals or more in KSA
    3. *Companies satisfying average Saudi wages of SAR 10k per month

    Track 3: Strategic value (Scoring Criteria)

    Companies satisfying the following criteria:

    1. *Companies producing high-value complex products
    2. *Companies that adopt advanced tech in their operations
    3. *Companies adopting ESG standards
    4. *Companies operating in the relatively less developed regions in KSA
    5. *Non-oil exporters
    6. *Companies creating high-quality jobs
    7. *Companies with a healthy financial performance
    8. *Companies with regionally or globally-renowned shareholders and investors


Online Application

Eligible entities can apply online on the program page

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Conducting a Meeting

Applications that meet eligibility requirements will be contacted by our representatives to introduce the program, its features and address corporation needs

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Investment Plans Discussion

Qualified companies will be contacted to discuss investment plans and provide them with needed services and support

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Joining the Program

Based on application evaluation, the eligible company will be registered in the program

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This initiative aims to provide a wide range of exclusive personalized services to large & strategic National and International investors to maximize their advantage by providing frictionless access to and facilitation with governmental agencies, their services and programs and facilitate their mobilization, operation, and growth.

These services include:

  • Investment opportunities developement
  • Customized KSA market insights (data & studies)
  • Market intelligence and insights in key international markets
  • Expert assistance on business regulations
  • Personalized business setup support
  • Location solutions in industrial and economic zones
  • Advisory on visa requirements and process
  • Guidance on Saudization formula
  • Personalized advocacy and troubleshooting
  • Saudi talent identification solutions
  • Investment opportunity development in key international markets
  • Advocacy and troubleshooting in key international markets
  • Advisory on investment incentives
  • Advisory on financing opportunities
  • Matchmaking and business partnership development
  • Support with R&D partnership development

Companies meeting the criteria of one of the following tracks
1) Members of other flagship government programs
2) Company size with high economic impact
3) Strategic value

The membership is permanent as long their profile is updated annually.

There are no annual fees for the program.

The Kingdom has many programs tailored to support and incentivise a variety of businesses at various stages of development. This program is uniquely designed to meet the requirements of large enterprises to help them bridge the gap with governmental agencies and investment opportunities that match their scale. For Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Start-ups, the government of Saudi Arabia has established the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (MONSHA’AT) which in place many programs that meet the needs and support that entrepreneurs.

You can enrol by filling the online application where you submit company’s profile, financial statements, and requested commercial documents.

The program aims to eliminate any potential obstacles of the large and strategic corporation that is inherent of the scale and complexity of their operations, allowing them a quicker, smoother landing and frictionless operation benefiting from a resilient economy and skilled talent.

These Advantages Include:

  • Program events calendar
  • Market intelligence dashboard
  • Business regulatory newsletter
  • Membership in premium government Programs
  • Preferential products by private sector
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Catalogue of bespoke value-added services
  • Networking with key decisionmakers and leading investors in KSA
  • Specialized and enhanced channels to capture investor feedback

To facilitate investment in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom offers appealing incentives designed to encourage investment with the potential to diversify and improve the Kingdom's competitiveness. For more information, please visitIncentives for Investor (