Description and Objectives of the Initiative

Description and Objectives of the Initiative

This initiative brings together many of sophisticated business and government support services and various incentives to facilitate the mobilization, operation, and growth of both national and international large & strategic investors, streamlining their investment journey while providing access to and facilitation with governmental agencies.

This initiative will greatly contribute to improving the investment environment thus creating friendlier and easier to attain new opportunities for future investments. Through a sustainable business model, all services and solutions offered to the investor aim to foster trust, unlocking access to diversified economic opportunities and activities in the Kingdom, contributing to and benefiting from a resilient economy and skilled talent inline with the country’s 2030 vision.


Advisory & Guidance

You will be assigned with an experienced relationship manager who will answer all your questions and help you tap into the Ministry of Investment’s Investor support program for any business life cycle stage, either starting a business or expanding an existing one, in order to help you achieve the most effective results with minimum costs and time.

Government Licensing

A singular access point to help you obtain all required licenses regardless of the issuing entity, including industrial, commercial and transportation licenses, ensuring a smooth soft landing and an easy start to any investor's journey.

Multinational Partnerships

Get MISA support to connect you with international and/or national companies through the support of our international offices and benefit from the multilateral trade exchange and investment programs between the Kingdom and international investors.

Economic, Market & Industry Studies

Access special reports prepared by economic and industry experts in Saudi, which will help you gain profound insights into your market segment.

Up-to-date Rules and Regulations

Get all required information related to corporate’s legislation and regulations in Saudi Arabia.

Ministry of Investment Referral

Request a referral/support letter from the Ministry of Investment addressed to the public or private sector to facilitate your business needs.

Financing and Incentives program

Leverage the Ministry's direct support when applying for relevant financing and incentive programs through Invest Saudi.

Investment Opportunities

Easily explore and find investment opportunities based on your needs through the Invest in Saudi Platform.


Trusted Relationship managers

Relationship Manager dedicated for your company. Assign relationship managers to facilitate interaction, provide guidance and ensure an ongoing productive relationship with registered investors.

Market your business

Promote your business, share your success story and seek investment opportunities on the large & Strategic Investors Initiative online portal.

Participate in the Ministry of Investment events

Represent your company across any conference or event organized by the Ministry and engage with other government agencies and investors.

Access to governmental agencies

Save time and effort by liaising with your appointed relationship manager to represent you and/or arrange for direct meetings with governmental agencies.

Participating in workshops

Participate in the workshops organized by MISA with government and private experts

Online Portal

Provide anywhere/anytime access to a secure online portal to explore and apply for opportunities, services and track all requests.

Tailored Services

Provide unique tailored services to National & International large & Strategic investors.

Strengthen your Relationship

Build your relation with local and foreign investors and program members


Large Licensed Multinational Firms

Corporations and establishments owned by foreign investors with an existing license from the Ministry of Investment, that will fulfil the program eligibility criteria.

Large Licensed National Firms

Corporations and establishments owned by Saudi or GCC citizens, that will fulfil the program eligibility criteria.

Large Offshore/Expat (unlicensed) Investors

Foreign corporations and establishments not licensed by the Ministry of Investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that will fulfil the program eligibility criteria.

Enrolment Requirements

    The large & strategic investor program is accessible for any corporation that operates in kingdom of Saudi Arabia or internationally and meets the following criteria:

    1. 1.Must meet a minimum of two hundred million Saudi Riyals (or equivalent) in annual revenue in past three fiscal years.
    2. 2.Must have more than 250 employees.


Online Application

Eligible entities can apply online on the program page

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Conducting a meeting

Applications that meet eligibility requirements will be contacted by our representatives to introduce the program, its features and address corporation needs

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Investment Plans Discussion

Qualified companies will be contacted to discuss investment plans and provide them with needed services and support.

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Joining the program

Based on application evaluation, the eligible company will be registered in the program

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This initiative aims to provide a wide range of exclusive personalized services to large & strategic National and International investors to maximize their advantage by providing frictionless access to and facilitation with governmental agencies, their services and programs and facilitate their mobilization, operation, and growth.

These services include:

  • RM Based Advisory & Guidance
  • Personalized Government Licensing
  • Access to governmental agencies
  • Multinational Partnerships & Investment Opportunities
  • Economic, Market & Industry Studies
  • Up-to-date Setup Rules and Regulations
  • Ministry of Investment Referral
  • Financing and Incentives program
  • Marketing and Events Participation

This program is designed for large National and International companies with more than 250 employees and generates over 200 million Saudi Riyals (or equivalent) in revenue.

The membership is permanent as long their profile is updated annually.

There are no annual fees for the program.

The Kingdom has many programs tailored to support and incentivise a variety of businesses at various stages of development. This program is uniquely designed to meet the requirements of large enterprises to help them bridge the gap with governmental agencies and investment opportunities that match their scale. For Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Start-ups, the government of Saudi Arabia has established the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (MONSHA’AT) which in place many programs that meet the needs and support that entrepreneurs.

You can enrol by filling the online application where you submit company’s profile, financial statements, and requested commercial documents.

The program aims to eliminate any potential obstacles of the large and strategic corporation that is inherent of the scale and complexity of their operations, allowing them a quicker, smoother landing and frictionless operation benefiting from a resilient economy and skilled talent.

To facilitate investment in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom offers appealing incentives designed to encourage investment with the potential to diversify and improve the Kingdom's competitiveness. For more information, please visitIncentives for Investor (



You can reach program team via the following channels: 

  • Fill up the electronic form
  •  Local calls 8002449990
  •  International Calls 00966115065777
  • Investors care email

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