Tourism & Quality of Life


Saudi Arabia is one of the tourism’s best kept secrets. With a wealth of stunning locations and unique experiences, the sector is a key driver of Vision 2030 and economic diversification.

Tourism & Quality of Life Overview

Of all new sectors being unlocked by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, none are undergoing more profound and visible transformations as the tourism and quality of life sectors. The Kingdom has opened its doors to international leisure tourism for the first time in 2019, with unexplored destinations adding massive potential on top of an already established religious tourism market.


At the same time, new entertainment, culture, and sports attractions are being unleashed every day for residents and tourists alike, providing excellent first mover advantages for investors in the nascent stages of a booming industry. Although this sector is still in its early stages of growth, it has already exhibited great potential in satisfying international and local investors’ needs.

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