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Information and Communication Technology Overview

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector plays a crucial role in driving growth, innovation, and economic diversification in the Kingdom. As a core component of Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has set ambitious targets to become a modern and globally competitive ICT hub.


This ambition envisages many investment areas, including the development of the digital content and media, the expansion of the telecommunication system, the digitization of the country, and the creation of new high-tech and smart industries. The government is working alongside the private sector to modernize the ICT infrastructure, enhancing the regulatory framework to enable new innovative investments, and building the most suitable ecosystem to support entrepreneurs and digital talents.

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Information and Communication Technology Sector


From start-ups to global tech giants, Saudi Arabia is the place to be for digital content and media creation in the MENA region. A young and growing population of digital natives, forward-thinking regulators and government authorities, a low-tax environment, and a robust base of highly skilled creative talent are positioning the Kingdom at the forefront of global digital content and media ecosystem.

  • $2.5BN
    in expected gaming market size by 2030
  • 73%
    social media penetration

Value Proposition


One of the fastest growing gaming markets globally.

Widespread adoption of new technologies driving the gaming market.

Video content

Demand for VOD platforms is on the rise.

Sizable video market that is set to expand further.

Audio content

Digital audio is replacing traditional audio.

Regional market size for local content in Arabic.

Digital advertising

High market potential for digital advertising.

Among the world’s highest online engagement times.


Saudi Arabia is advancing rapidly on its path towards becoming a fully digital society across all aspects of life. The Kingdom is preparing for the next generation of technologies in order to provide the highest quality services to users and residents. Saudi Arabia's strong ICT infrastructure and high internet and mobile phone penetration rate present an appealing proposition to local and foreign potential investors in the Kingdom's digital sector. The Kingdom is one of the top ICT nations in terms of spectrum allocation, and it is committed to regulatory excellence and a business-friendly environment.

  • $18BN
    investments to build a nationwide network of large-scale data centers
  • $2.5BN
    allocated to build digital infrastructure needed for industry 4.0

Value Proposition

Data centers

Large market demand for data center capacity.

Strong commitment to a booming data center market.


A large market demand requiring a large supply.

Long-term investments that are already paying off.

Excellent quality and wide coverage ensuring access for all.

World-class regulator ensuring continuous excellence.

Digital, tech-savvy and connected talent pool.

Smart Cities

Plans to develop several world-class smart cities.

Strong government support and funding.

Industry 4.0

Ambitious plans to convert factories to digital and interconnected.

Increasing industry 4.0 awareness driving demand.


By adopting new cutting-edge technologies and digital platforms, the Kingdom is rapidly progressing toward becoming a digital nation. The widespread adoption of e-commerce, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and FinTech, is transforming the local market. A slew of new startups has sprung up to put these new technologies to work to meet rising customer demand, indicating that digital transformation offers significant investment opportunities for early market entrants in the technology and platforms segment.

  • $13BN
    e-commerce market size in 2021, a 45% share of the GCC market
  • 32%
    growth of the e-commerce market from 2015 to 2020

Value Proposition

Artificial Intelligence

Actionable data and AI strategy that is already bearing fruit.

Commitment to local talent training in data and AI.

Ambitious investment targets.


Region’s largest and most lucrative e-commerce market.

Attractive e-commerce investment destination.

Big multinationals have already chosen Saudi Arabia.

Cloud computing

Emerging leader in cloud services.

Modern regulatory framework.


Rapid growth of local FinTech services demand.

Growing number of FinTech players leveraging the local investment ecosystem.

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