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The demand for healthcare services in Saudi Arabia has soared, as seen by rising healthcare budgets and investments throughout the last few decades, particularly in the last ten years. One of the unique aspects that makes healthcare and life sciences sector vital in the Kingdom is its commitment under Vision 2030 goals to increase the quality of life for the Saudi population. In fact, Health Sector Transformation Program has been announced as one of the Vision Realization Programs (VRP) to ensure continued development of healthcare services in the Kingdom.

88 - %

of the population, including those in rural areas, will be covered by medical health services by 2025

7 - %

increase in elderly people by 2030

5.8 - %

CAGR healthcare services sector growth from 2017 to 2029

Value Proposition

Sizeable market with untapped potential and significant growth ahead

Rising prevalence of chronic conditions related to age, lifestyle, and genetic makeup

Strong government commitment and ambitious targets to develop the sector

Unique investments enablers

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