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The energy savings is a critical component of the Kingdom's efforts to decarbonize the local energy system and meet the Kingdom's Vision 2030 sustainability goals. Additionally, the sector represents attractive opportunities to investors within the energy-saving technology manufacturing and service industries.

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Energy Saving Sector

  • 260,000
    governmental buildings that need retrofitting for energy efficiency
  • 3M+
    street light poles that need retrofitting for energy efficiency

Value Proposition

One of the countries with largest energy consumption with increasing electricity tariffs

  • Saudi Arabia is the third greatest energy producer in the world, with a per capita consumption of 8,954 Kwh.
  • Electricity rates have increased twice in the past three years and are expected to further increase in the future.

Strong government commitment to the growth of the energy savings industry

  • Launch of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC) as the primary institution and single point of contact for the energy efficiency sector.
  • Introduction of new regulations (e.g., ESCO license, legal framework, incentives) and standards (e.g. measurements) to facilitate investments.
  • Large investments in human capital to develop technical competencies in the energy sector and raise public awareness.

Tarshid established to promote energy conservation in public buildings

  • The “Tarshid” Super ESCO, with a capital of around $500 million, was created to develop energy projects in public sector buildings by collaborating with private investors.
  • Tarshid has full authority to revamp all government institutions and public infrastructure, according to a royal order requiring all government institutions to be energy efficient.
  • Tarshid aims to supervise energy efficiency projects for more than 260,000 government buildings and more than 3 million street light poles.

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