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Saudi Arabia’s entertainment and culturesectors have been going through a complete overhaul since the launch of Vision 2030, driven by an improved quality of life for all. Following Saudi Arabia's opening to international entertainment and culture in 2019, entertainment has emerged as one of the most important economic sectors. As 80% of Saudis' entertainment dollars are spent outside of the country, Saudi Arabia’s booming culture and entertainment sector represents a new way of life as well as an important driver of economic growth. This provides an abundance of investment opportunities for national and international investors across all segments of the entertainment market

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Culture and Entertainment Sector

  • 11
    entertainment seasons launched across the Kingdom
  • $57BN
    investment requirement to build entertainment infrastructure by 2030
  • 2,500
    number of entertainment activities and events in the last five years
  • 26,000
    events days in the last five years
  • 75MN
    visitors in the last five years
  • 155
    entertainment destinations in the last five years

Value Proposition

An ambitious vision to enrich the lives of citizens and residents

  • The Saudi government intends to grow the entertainment sector to $9.6 billion by 2030, with an annual growth rate of 18%.
    • Entertainment attractions targets by 2030 include:
    • 30 theme park and water parks
    • 300 family entertainment centers
    • 28 mixed entertainment destinations
    • 500 small to medium-sized entertainment events
    • 266 large entertainment events

Offering enormous opportunities

  • Saudi Arabia’s family entertainment centers market size is set to increase from $290 million to $850 million by 2030, providing lead investment opportunities in commercially attractive infrastructure with lower capital expenditure requirements.
  • Saudi Arabia’s water parks market size is set to increase from $90 million to $560 million by 2030, providing opportunities to partner with government and large investors in infrastructure with higher capital expenditure requirements
  • A wide range of opportunities to participate in the development of commercially less attractive infrastructure which holds national significance for Saudi Arabia.

Strong government backing to unlock the sector’s business potential

  • Saudi Arabia is dedicated to the growth of entertainment and culture through new state-of-the-art laws and regulations
  • The government welcomes private sector involvement in infrastructure construction, event operations, content creation, and capability development within the sector.
  • The expansion of this sector also opens up investment opportunities for the private sector through ancillary services such as food and beverages, retail, logistics, tourism and accommodation.
  • The government is supporting investors by providing funding strategies, market intelligence, matchmaking and connections, location search, set-up assistance and incentives assistance.
  • International investors can enjoy 100% foreign ownership in the entertainment sector.

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