Building Cable Cars Complex in Makkah with 4 Stations along 2 Main Cable Cars Routes offering multiple services such as Islamic Sites Visit, Food and Beverage Services, Recreational and Outdoors Activities such as Camel Riding, Small Hikes, Camping, sightseeing among other activities that will give visitors more options to choose from and uplift their overall visit experience.


Tourism & Quality of Life
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Investment Highlights

  • Investment Ticket
  • Phase 1: SAR 203,592,671
  • Phase 2: SAR 327,464,515
  • Phase 3: SAR 284,185,118
  • ROI: % 9.8
  • IRR: % 22.6
  • NPV: SAR 854,224,195
  • Payback Period: 8.42 Years

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