Hafr Al-Batin International K-12 Schools


Invest in KSA’s education sector by establishing high-quality, Private Int’l EY schools in Hafr Al-Batin




Opportunity Highlights

  • Private International is the fastest growing segment in Hafr Al-Batin K-12 market on a CAGR of ~7%
  • ~6K expected additional students to be accommodated in new private int’l K-12 centers in Hafr Al-Batin by 2030F
  • ~20 new private int’l K-12 schools to be set-up in Hafr Al-Batin by 2030F
  • ~SAR 0.5 – 0.6B Investment required to establish ~20 new private int’l K-12 Schools
  • ~SAR 25 - 30M Capital outlay expense required per new School


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