Manufacturing/Assembly For Filtration Equipment

This opportunity entails setting up a manufacturing plant for filtration equipment.

Filtration equipment is used for seawater reverse osmosis to filter out and reduce solid particles such as sands, and clay before the seawater proceeds to the reverse osmosis membranes.

Saudi Arabia plans to significantly increase investment in water sector to 50 Billion USD by 2020. KSA is the largest producer of desalinated water in the world, with total capacity of 8Mn m3/day and expected to increase to be 12.3 m3/day by 2035.  Also, it has set a market size water reuse for 1.9 Mn m3/day by 2020. In pursuit of Vision 2030 objectives, water sector is increasing the focus on localization to capitalize on large opportunities. All related stakeholders have kicked off various localization efforts to increase local content, to localize desalination equipment such as filtration equipment, which is used for both Greenfield and rehabilitation projects.

 KSA addressable desalination market sales for filtration equipment is forecasted to grow to SAR 41 million by 2025 reaching SAR 46 million by 2035. Moreover, total yearly GCC market is SAR 148 million by 2035.

 The manufacturing process of the filtration equipment as follows:

MettalicStructural and hydraulic design, fabrication works (sheet metal rolling, welding), surface preparation, painting, hydro testing.

Non-Mettalic: Structural and hydraulic design, fabrication works (winding and gluing), surface  preparation, painting, hydro testing

Raw Material :FRP, SS, Duplex SS, Super Duplex SS ,Polypropylene, CS, Concrete



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