Incentives & Support

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Saudi Arabia's incentives and support schemes are specifically designed to encourage investment with the potential to diversify and improve the Kingdom's competitiveness. Amongst the primary objectives of the incentives and support schemes, it is crucial to enhance the development of business, promote the creation of clustering activities, ensure transfer of knowledge and accelerate the building of skills and capabilities within the country.



Financial support

  • Export credit financing, guarantee, insurance provided by the Saudi export program
  • Energy and utilities subsidies for power, water, natural gas, ethane, diesel, land
  • Financial incentives for R&D projects with potential to boost country's economic growth and self-reliance
  • Loan programs for public and private industrial investments

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Fiscal support

  • Custom duty drawback and exemption on selected materials, equipment and machinery
  • Tax credit and tax exemptions on Saudi national worker's payroll and training costs

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Employment support

  • Program offered by Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and aimed at encouraging training and employment of Saudi nationals
  • On-the-job training program for Saudi graduates (Tamheer)
  • Training in non-profitable institutes
  • Rehabilitation for health diploma holders
  • Doroob program

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