Webinar Videos

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Logistics Incentives and Services

To connect investors to the support schemes and incentives to eliminate the difficulties the businesses operating in this vital industry are currently experiencing.

Healthcare & Life Sciences Sector

To introduce Saudi Arabia's healthcare and life sciences sector’s reforms and a wide range of opportunities

ICT Sector

To showcase Saudi Arabia's wide range of opportunities for tech companies and start-ups

Financial Incentives and Services

To provide comprehensive insight into the kingdom’s financial support initiatives and stimulus packages

Human Capital Incentives and Services

To provide solutions to the issues affecting Saudi citizens and residents living and working in the kingdom.

Industrial and Mineral Incentives and Services

To address the needs of the industrial and mineral resources sectors, and how investors can get direct help, with financial compensation for factories.

Funding Incentives and Services

Exploring initiatives involving the restructuring and postponing of loan payments and the exemption of MSMEs from costs of funding support provision among others

Import and Export Incentives and Services

Aimed at helping Saudi and international investors making products for consumers and companies alike access tailored support for the coronavirus economy