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This opportunity entails developing the value chain for copper.

Seamless copper tubes are finished products that are made from copper billets (round bars) in a series of production steps. Depending on the choice of process, the main steps involve, melting, casting, piercing, extrusion, drawing, annealing and level winding. Copper tubes are a preferred material in several sectors because of the inherent properties of copper. Some of the main applications of seamless copper tubes are in ACR (Air conditioning and refrigeration), plumbing, heat exchangers, water distribution, medical gas transport etc.

The proposal is to establish seamless copper tubes plant to cover the huge demand from the constructions in KSA due to new mega projects.

  • MENA demand (Tons): 130K
  • Ideal Capacity Size (Tons): 15K
  • Manpower: 200
  • Feedstock: Copper Cathode, Scrap, Ingots
  • Investment Level: USD 60 Million

Opportunity Details

Mining and Metals
To be determined by the investor
To be assessed by investor (cost drivers and other financial figures to be shared upon request)
Investment size
Open to starting the project as soon as possible

Investment Model

Model: Opportunity to consider different operating models
  • Pure private sector model
  • Joint venture with local player

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