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This opportunity entails developing the value chain to produce Vacuum Cleaners to serve the Saudi Arabian and GCC markets.


Appealing demand prospects for vacuum cleaners in Saudi Arabia, and the larger GCC market:

  1. In 2018, demand for vacuum cleaners reached 800,000 units in GCC, including about 40%, about 300,000 units from Saudi Arabia
  2. Going forward, Saudi demand to reach 410,000 units per year on average
  3. Beyond Saudi Arabia, other markets within the GCC are growing

Attractive investment opportunity for vacuum cleaner manufacturers:

  1. Introduction of the expat fees are prompting Saudi households to purchase vacuum cleaners and conduct home cleaning themselves rather than outsourcing the task
  2. Consumer preferences for vacuum cleaners in Saudi Arabia are shifting towards higher priced premium vacuum cleaners

Opportunity Details

Industrial and Manufacturing
Industrial Equipment & Spare Parts
Sub sector
To be determined by the investor
Demand for vacuum cleaners in KSA totals 300,000 units per year (2018).
Investment size
Open to starting the project as soon as possible

Investment Model

Model: Opportunity to consider different operating models:
  • 100% Private sector model

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