Sanofi has been operating in the Saudi Market for more than 50 years distributing Sanofi’s products.


In 2014 Sanofi inaugurated its manufacturing plant in King Abdullah Economic City(KAEC). In the first phase the KAEC manufacturing plant will produce up to 19 million boxes and it will manufacture and launch new products in the kingdom in the field -not limited to- of diabetes, as well as cardiovascular, pain management, oncology, cholesterol management, CNS, Anticoagulant, antibiotics, antihistamine and anti-acids. The products produced in the manufacturing plant are produced under two entities Sanofi Aventis Arabia Co. Ltd. And  Sanofi Arabia Trading Co. Ltd.



The manufacturing plant has given Sanofi the opportunity to hire and develop local talent. It currently employees over 400 employees with an 81% saudization rate.  Females constitute 66% of the workforce.

  • King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC)
  • biopharmaceutical
  • 400
    Employees in Saudi Arabia
“Sanofi has taken the decision to start its production facility in the kingdom 9 years ago
, and in 2010 Sanofi has signed its agreement with SAGIA and the Saudi authorities, the essences of having this investment is to help the Saudi economy diversification as a part of the kingdom’s vision, The Saudi market is a strategic market for Sanofi and further to discussions with Authorities and SAGIA, the choice of KAEC, the first Economic City in the Kingdom, offering pro-business and competitive environment. KAEC is the perfect place to have such a facility, its strategic location, the facilities the city offers; (King Abdullah port) which will ease Sanofi importation and exportation processes; the ease of governmental processes and the benefits a foreign direct investor as Sanofi can get; due to the proximity of ECA’s offices in the city which is a one stop shop for all of the government related formalities.”
Ahmed Serag
Sanofi KSA General Manager
Country Chair