Private schools


This opportunity aims at establishing primary and secondary private schools across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Private schools will offer education in local and/or international curriculums.

Today, Saudi Arabia has ~5.6 million students in G1-12 education of which only 12% (~647 million) are enrolled in private schools. Despite today's small private schools share, the KSA private education market is expected to grow over next couple of years. Market growth is mainly driven by 3 key drivers

  • Population: Saudi Arabia's student population is expected to continue to steadily grow, in line with student-aged population growth
  • Private school share: Students enrolled in private schools assumed to continue their rapid share growth from 12% to 25% by 2030, as per the Saudi National Transformation Program (NTP) targets
  • Tuition/fees: School fees likely to scale faster than inflation with increased sophistication of offerings and costs of providing educational services

Driven by a growing population, the number of primary and secondary school students is forecasted to reach 7.8 million by 2030. Private share of schools is also expected to increased with the increasing demand from the growth in expat population, growing at a rate of ~6% in the last decade.

With growth in private school enrollment and higher tuition fees, the KSA private school market is expected to increase from ~USD 4 billion in 2017 to ~USD 15 billion by 2030 (resulting in an 11% CAGR). The market growth is expected to result in 1.2 million new seats in primary and secondary private schools by 2030

Opportunity Details

Emerging Sectors
Across the Kingdom
To be determined by the investor
Investment size
Open to starting the project as soon as possible

Investment Model

Model: Pure Private Sector
  • The investor will bear all capital expenditure associated with the project, including the infrastructural cost, and the operating expenses.
  • Access to land and educational buildings can be facilitated by government entities (e.g., providing long-lease to lands and buildings)

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