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This opportunity entails establishing facilities to manufacture windows to serve the KSA housing market.

As part of vision 2030, KSA has set ambitious plans to grow the Housing industry in order to meet demands for its growing young population . Plans include building 680k new housing units by 2020 and 1,500k by 2030 as well as increasing home ownership of Saudi nationals from 50% in 2017 to 60% in 2020 and 70% in 2030.

Growth in the number of newly constructed houses is expected to result in a sharp increase in the number of building materials required.

The increasing demand for houses will result in a need for more than 2.3 million cumulative new windows by 2023.

Current local suppliers have the capacity of producing ~300K windows per year. This results in a shortage of ~1 million cumulative windows by 2023

The average price of single hung windows is 1,602 SAR and the average price of double hung windows is 2,895 SAR.

The increase in demand for windows and the limited presence of local players coupled with the Governments push for localization presents a great opportunity for the private sector to invest in establishing facilities to manufacture windows to serve the KSA market.

Opportunity Details

Emerging Sectors
To be determined by the investor
To be assessed by investor (cost drivers and other financial figures to be shared upon request)
Investment size
Open to starting the project as soon as possible
  • Pure private sector model
  • Joint venture with local player

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