“SAGIA”, MBSC Ink Agreement To Support Entrepreneurship

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“SAGIA”, MBSC Ink Agreement To Support Entrepreneurship

The general investment authority (SAGIA)and Mohammed bin Salman College for Business and Entrepreneurship (MBSC) had inked an agreement today in support of entrepreneurial projects.

The agreement included the collaboration of both entities to support entrepreneurs and investors, in which SAGIA is offering various services for MBSC students from licensing to consulting.

The agreement highlighted the importance of MBSC participation in events and workshops organized by SAGIA, where it also stipulated that MBSC would offer a report on its supported entities and other licensed by SAGIA.

Ibrahim Al Omar, the Governor of the General Investment Authority (SAGIA) praised the role of MBSC in collaborating to support entrepreneurship.

Al-Omar, underscored that SAGIA puts all its efforts in supporting entrepreneurial projects and enhance offered services, leading to boost the volume of local and foreign investments and achieving Saudi Vision 2030 aiming at economic diversification and employment.

Dr. Nabeel Koshak, Dean of Prince Mohammad bin Salman College (MBSC) of Business and Entrepreneurship, expressed his gratitude back at SAGIA and stressed on the collaboration of both entities.

“The agreement aims at reviving the entrepreneurship environment in the kingdom, and support students in their projects through SAGIA’s Services. The college is equipped with the ultimate means of success in the middle east beside the practical programs that enables students to launch their projects.” He added.

It is said that SAGIA Has launched licenses services to entrepreneurs wishing to establish pioneering projects to pave the way for them to benefit from business incubators and research centers as well as the continues effort of SAGIA to support entrepreneurs.

MBSC IS considered the first private college for entrepreneurship in the kingdom, located in King Abdullah Economic City and offers MBA programs for both male and female students. It offers academic programs, curricula, scientific research and practical practices in management and entrepreneurship in accordance with international standards adopted by Babson college.