Entrepreneurs Licenses To Support Innovators

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Entrepreneurs Licenses To Support Innovators

Bassem bin Abdullah Alsallom, Deputy Governor for Corporate Communications and Marketing, stated that the General Investment Authority (SAGIA) is issuing pioneering projects licenses, that coincided with his participation in “Arab Net” hosted by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACT).

Alsallom, reviewed the objectives of the licenses during his participation in the opening session. He went on by saying that they are oriented towards innovators, to introduce them to business incubators, research centers and small and medium sized enterprises authority services.

He also added that the licenses include entrepreneurs wishing to establish projects accredited by Saudi universities or business incubator within the Kingdom.

Bassem Alsallom, was looking forward to seeing the fruitful of this service in supporting innovators at all levels while SAGIA is forging ahead to pave the way for entrepreneurs.

He also commented on the prominent development that Saudi is undergoing in its economy, particularly after “Tayseer”, a committee aiming at improving private sector performance and encompassing several governmental entities to enhance the investment environment.

“Creating a secure investment environment for the private sector and providing the necessary guarantees for the preservation of rights is a priority, lauding the remarkable development achieved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the course of protection of investors, in which it jumped from 63th to 10th in the world based on the report of the ease of doing business for 2018 issued recently by the World Bank Group.” He added.

SAGIA’s Participation at “Arab Net” is part of its efforts to introduce investors with all the facilitation it provides and adopt the best techniques to pave the way for investors.