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SAGIA at a Glance

Based on its vision to be a pioneer in developing quality investments that facilitates sustainable development, the General Investment Authority (SAGIA) is responsible for following up and assessing investment performance, alleviating the difficulties encountered by investors, conducting studies and research and drafting executive plans to stimulate local investments.

Established following a resolution by the Council of Ministers, SAGIA aims to sustain inward investment in Saudi Arabia by helping attract foreign investments to serve the diversification of the Saudi economy.

SAGIA utilizes its capacities in order to improve the investment climate and enhance support structures. It also seeks to constantly elevate services through its human resources, effective partnerships and continuous interaction with investors.

In line with Saudi Vision 2030 and initiatives of the National Transformation Program 2020, SAGIA has exerted extensive efforts to provide investors with differentiated services through business centers that house government entities related to investment. It is further focused on developing means to attract major companies in promising industries to invest within Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it has swiftly implemented a program that is centered on enhancing the investment environment, developing the domestic business sector and leveraging its competitiveness worldwide, and organizing investment forums and conferences at local and international levels.

Today, SAGIA is working to effectively and efficiently discharge its duties across its different units, which in turn will help promote its goals and help it achieve its initiatives relating to investment. This step would also allow SAGIA to draft policies, procedures and regulations, and effectively cooperate with governmental authorities engaged in delivering further growth and prosperity for the Kingdom.