Employment funding



1. Program to support the growth of Saudization of enterprises

  • HRDF to provide:
  • 15% of monthly salary for male citizens
  • 20% of monthly salary for female citizens

Program duration: 1 October 2017 – 30 September 2019


Conditions to apply

  • Saudi national

    Age between 18-60

    Employee's monthly salary not exceeding SAR 6,000


2. Tamheer program

On-the-job training program for Saudi graduates

To provide financial support of SAR 3,000 per month during the 3 to 6 months long period of training, and occupational hazard insurance

Conditions to apply

  • Saudi national (or foreign national with Saudi mother)
  • With bachelor, master or PhD degree
  • Currently unemployed and not employed for the past 6 months
  • No previous participation in Tamheer program


3. Professional Certification Support Program

  • Aim is to enable the Saudi workforce to obtain professional certificates accredited in several professional fields required by the labor market, e.g.,

–CMMP, CIT, PMP,…etc.

  • HRDF to provide reimbursement for training costs, and test fees

Conditions to apply

  • Saudi national

    Certificate to be accredited by HRDF

    Certificate to be valid and not expired

    Maximum reimbursement: 2 certificates for each person


4. Doroob program

Comprehensive program involving electronic learning courses

  • Aim is to obtain certificates approved and recognized by the main companies

Priority in the direct employment for the certificates holders

  • Providing also the opportunity of benefiting from the on-the–job training program


Conditions to apply

Saudi national